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Awareness can be likened to space, and the input from the Nine Senses can be said to be the weather. Space is always unaffected by the weather, no matter if the sun shines or if the storms rage. Everything is okay and everything is allowed, rain, sun, snow, thunder and lightning, drought, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes….all fine! Space will observe them all but will never be affected by any of them.

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Awareness & The 9 Senses


Ari, is an independent researcher. He is interested in Consciousness, States of Consciousness, Altered States of Consciousness, Sensory Stimulation, Vibratory Resonance, and Neuro/biofeedback, which of course leads to, Neuroscience, Machine Learning, AI, Transpersonal Psychology, Psychology, Philosophy, Music, Physics, Quantum Physics, Hypnotherapy, and Energy work.


The Nine Senses includes the traditional five senses of taste, smell, touch, sight and sound but expands the definition to include emotion, thought, the sub-conscious and the super-conscious.

It is through theses Nines Senses that we experience and interpret the world, and in so doing we create our reality.

During our sessions we will explore these concepts in depth, and through guided meditation, open discussion, energy- and bodywork, guide you to experience your full potential.

Sessions can be done remotely via Zoom or similar, we also travel and can do the sessions at your own home, or you can visit us at our premises.

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